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About us

Welcome to Thinkedi, where we are revolutionising the way organisations can become more inclusive!



We are proud to introduce our innovative software solution, which seamlessly connects individuals with employers, service providers, and educational institutions. 


At Thinkedi, we believe that inclusivity should be accessible to everyone. That’s why an individual profile on the app is free for individual users! 

For organisations, we offer a subscription to their own customisable dashboard allowing them to manage their EDI initiatives with ease. With our user-friendly software, organisations can save money and enhance their corporate social responsibility by subscribing to their own dashboard. Explore the 'APP' tab above to learn more.



Our EDI services offer a variety of expert offerings to support your business in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Our team provides consulting, executive coaching, tailored training, and organisational audits and reports. With our guidance, you can ensure your business is equipped to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

We also provide organisational development training, including neurodiversity and specific disability training for teams as well as packages for entires organisations. Take a look at our offerings in the menu above.


We understand that everyone's needs are different, and that's why we provide personalised Assessments and support services that are tailored to you.


Our one-to-one assessments will help you identify your individual support requirements and receive personalised coaching and mentoring to achieve your work and life goals. We'll work with you to enhance your confidence and knowledge of your rights, as well as help you understand yourself better, including your sensory processing profiles and how to communicate this with others.


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