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Thinkedi awarded UnLTD funding for 

We are excited to announce that Thinkedi has been awarded a grant from UnLTD. This grant will help us further our mission in providing accessible and personalized education to students from all backgrounds. With this funding, we will be able to continue to develop and expand our platform to reach more students who need it.

The Thinkedi Team at 'Autistic Minds Cardiff 2023'

The Thinkedi team recently attended the Autistic Minds Cardiff 2023. The stall looked fantastic and we were able to share lots of information about our services.


We had the opportunity to host a discussion on how to make the workplace more inclusive. Sophie and Merryn shared their expertise on the topic and provided practical tips for individuals and organisations.


Sophie's sold-out 'Sensory Web Workshop' was a great success, helping attendees better understand their own sensory profiles and communicate them more effectively.


In addition, our self-care journal was a hit and sold out quickly, highlighting the importance of taking care of oneself in promoting inclusion and belonging.

"We want to send big thanks to volunteers 'Evan' and 'Beth' who exhibited our values in each and every conversation with service users. We'd also like to celebrate our achievement in exhibiting at this prestigious event and the impact we had."

We welcome Jess to our Thinkedi Team!

"We are thrilled to welcome Jess to the Thinkedi team as our new Business Support Manager.


Jess has already made a pivotal contribution to our organization, and we look forward to the valuable insights and expertise she will bring to our work.


We wish Jess a successful career at Thinkedi and are excited to see all that she will achieve with us."

Founder, Sophie, is nominated for 'Womenspire Award'

We are excited to share that our founder, Sophie Mason (aka #TheDiffAbledCEO), has been nominated for the Womenspire Awards by the charity Chwarae Teg.


Sophie has been nominated in the categories of Community Champion, Entrepreneur, and Rising Star for her incredible work in the equity, diversity, and inclusion space.


We are honored to have Sophie leading the charge at Thinkedi and are thrilled that her hard work and dedication to making the world a more equitable and inclusive place is being recognized. Congratulations, Sophie!

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