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EDI Networking & Collaboration Group

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By signing up below we will let you know about our monthly EDI Networking Collaboration Group Session and email you a link to attend.

Each month Thinkedi is hosting an EDI Networking Collaboration Group Session for professionals working in the ED&I space.

The next session is July 22nd 2024, at 2pm.

Our goal is to:

  • disseminate key information and learning

  • support collaboration across organisations

  • provide a space for networking

  • share best practice

We will be inviting individuals to represent key orgaisations such as stonewall, womens aid, mind, eyst, diversity cymru, disabilities wales and others.

The sessions will be 1 hours long and will include:

-10 minutes introductions (around 30 seconds each)

-20 minute presentation from a professional in the field (we will vary the topics each month)

-20 minutes break out rooms with themed discussion

-10 minute gathering learning for dissemination

We will send out a key lessons learned document after the event.

Are you interested in participating as a guest speaker?
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