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Education Focus Group

By signing up below we will send you a link to join our Thinkedi for Education Focus Group.

Thinkedi for Education will be an online platform where a free profile can be set up for children/young people by their parents/carers/guardians. Their profile will hold information such as their one-page profile, education plans, relevant reports and documents, and, of course, what reasonable adjustments have been agreed upon with the education setting.

Objectives of the Thinkedi for Education Focus group

  • Explore what digital functions would be beneficial to different stakeholders eg Parents / Teachers / ALNCO / LSA / Teaching Assistants / Local Authority

  • Discuss how we can digitise IDPs and other educational plans

  • Discuss operating a pilot or pilot project and what the relevant data to collect is

  • Discuss safeguarding and cyber security


- 30 minutes intro to thinkedi, a quick demo and what we're trying to achieve for education 

- 30 minutes breakout session 

- 30 gathering and discussing feedback

Which session would you like to attend?
4pm - 5.30pm
Either is fine with me
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