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Neurodiversity Coaching


Our highly qualified, hard-working coaches bring a diverse wealth of experience and coaching skills, to meet the needs of our diverse clients. We have specialisms in sensory processing, discrimination and bullying, returning to work after long-term leave, trauma-informed practice and all neurodiversities.

Our coaches have at least two years of experience supporting neurodivergent individuals, helping them reach their work/life goals. We carefully select our coaches for their additional skillsets, so that we can match clients with the best holistic support.

This includes:

  • Communication  

  • Trauma-informed practice                                  

  • Sensory Integration Awareness

  • Executive Functioning

  • Process and Strategy          

  • Assistive Technology Assessments    

  • Bullying

  • Appreciative Inquiry


Thinkedi Coaching adopts a person-centered and trauma-informed approach to empower individuals, helping them achieve their goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, Thinkedi specializes in supporting neurodivergent clients, ensuring tailored guidance that respects their unique needs and experiences.

Our work with clients is confidential and we will not share information with employers unless the client expressly asks and consents for us to do so.

"Thank you so much! Thinkedi coaching has been completely transformative.


I’ve learned to work smarter, not harder, and have an understanding of myself I have never felt before.


I feel I can ask for what I need and recognise the signs when I’m becoming dis-regulated.


I highly recommend Thinkedi Coaching.”

Neurodiversity Coaching Client Feedback



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