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Workplace Support

Ensure you're getting the right support for your individuals needs in employment

Our workplace support service is designed to help you succeed in your career by offering one-to-one support that is confidential, supportive, and empowering. We work with you to understand your unique needs and offer guidance on your rights and what support is available to you. Whether you're facing challenges within the workplace or looking to advance your career, our team is here to help you thrive.

Choose from one of our support packages below or contact us for a bespoke package for your unique needs and goals.

Neurodiversity Specialist Coaching

(can be Access to Work or DSA Funded)

Specialist Disability Coaching

(can be Access to Work or DSA Funded)

If you are neurodiverse then you are likely acquainted with the everyday difficulties of thriving in a neuro-typical world. Our Specialist Neurodiversity Coaches are here to listen to you and your experiences and have a portfolio of tools they can share with you to support you in the workplace or in education. Whatever your next target might be, from attending the office, participating in a group activity to re-claiming work/life balance, we can support you.

We understand the whole host of emotions that come with having a disability and navigating the working or educational world. Our Specialist Disability Coaches will work with you to keep you empowered in your own life, supporting you to make plans and know your rights. They will be a supportive and listening ear when things are tough and someone with whom you can take a step back and celebrate the adversities you are overcoming.

Equality legislation entitles you to support to equity in accessibility of your workplace or education, if you experience a disability. We know though, that it can be tough to know what would benefit you and sometimes even more difficult to know how to ask for what you need without fear of being treated differently. We have access to thousands of users data and know what they ask for to support them. Along with our expertise, our friendly assessors can help you decide what might be most appropriate for you and support you to access your rights.

Independent Accommodations/Reasonable Adjustments Assessments

Conditions like Autism and ADHD often impact our sensory processing too. But our sensory states and how different environmental experiences will affect them are not easy to understand or communicate.  For example you may find some types of lights too bright or distracting, but others might be calming. This can lead to confusion with employers or tutors and lead to you not having the right support for you.

To ensure the best working or learning environment for you we empower you to understand your 'Sensory Web' through 4 sessions of coaching and we spport you to communicate these.

This works well with an Independent Accommodations / Reasonable Adjustments Assessment to ensure you have the well rounded support you need.

Sensory Profile Assessments

Access to Work Assessments

Access to Work is an initiative by the UK Department for Work and Pensions, with the goal to support more people with disabilities into, or to stay in, employment.

We provide hollistic assessments of your needs and recommendations of the support you would benefit from in the workplace. A percentage of this is then paid for by Access to Work and a percentage by your organisation. Sometimes Access to work cover allof the fees.

We can support you to understand what would beenfit you most.

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