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 The FREE Thinkedi App!

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Thinkedi for Individuals

Thinkedi is a revolutionary tool that promotes your equity (equality of outcome), inclusion and diversity.

Everyone has at least one of the protected characteristics under The Equality Act 2020.

It can be difficult for managers or service providers to know everything they need to know to support you inclusively to have equity in your experience.

Our aim is to reduce discrimination by enhancing communication between you and employers, education and services.

Thinkedi does this by providing an FREE app for you where you can:

  • Store your equality/diversity monitoring information

  • Request accomodations from services and employers 

  • Track and manage responses

  • View a personalised FEED of local support Information relevant to you

  • Connect with friends and family

  • Connect with Employers, Education Providers and Services 

  • Manage who you share your information with

  • Disconnect your information with a service at the click of a button

Thinkedi encyrpt your data so even we can't see it and we will never share or sell you data. We just want to make the world a better place!

Why should you sign up for a free account?

  • Be an ally to protected groups

  • Drive meaningful social change

  • Make the world more inclusive

  • Increase your access to employment and services

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