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Manage your business diversity & inclusion

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Thinkedi App for Employers

Thinkedi is a revolutionary tool that promotes equity (equality of outcome), inclusion and diversity. Everyone has at least one of the protected characteristics under The Equality Act 2020.

We've recognised key challenges faced by businesses:

Complaint Line Management of EDI

It can be difficult for managers to know everything they need to know to support employees inclusively, manage their health and safety at work and carry out their own roles. Costly mistakes are made that damage culture and motivation.

The Thinkedi App supports managers through each sage of an employee's journey, including the everyday.

Prefer 'not to say rates'

It is impossible to evaluate diversity efforts, learn lessons and develop strategies for inclusion without true data. However, employees will often 'prefer not to say' their equality monitoring information for fear of discrimination.

The Thinkedi App allows your business to see behind the 'prefer not to say' rates with collective anonymous data. No more guesswork. 

Everyday Accomodations

Even if adjustments are agreed, it's a stressfull task to communicate these within GDPR to everyone in the workplace.

The Thinkedi App has an Inclusion Tool which supports all of your employees to be compliant in their day to day actions. This is also auditable so you can see who is making the effort to be inclusive.

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