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Introducing the In-Between: Adventures of #TheDiffabledCEO

Hey there, fabulous readers! Welcome to the exciting world of #thediffabledceo, where I, Sophie, invite you to join me on a journey that is equal parts hilarious, heartwarming, and downright inspiring.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive headfirst into the chronicles of my life as the founder of Thinkedi, a Welsh tech business aiming to revolutionize inclusion using the power of digital technology.

Now, before we embark on this rollercoaster ride, let me introduce myself properly.

I'm Sophie, your friendly neighborhood CEO extraordinaire.

But, here's the twist—I navigate life with fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, hemiplegic migraines, and neurodiversity. It's like having a winning ticket to the "Variety Show of Disabilities," and do I know how to rock it!

But let's talk labels for a moment. While I recognize my disabilities, I prefer the term "diffabled." Why, you ask? Because I firmly believe that we all excel in our abilities with different things. Our unique qualities make us amazing individuals, capable of achieving great things. So, here's to celebrating our differences and embracing what makes us truly extraordinary!

Picture this: A bisexual woman married to a man, a wheelchair-user defying limitations, and an autistic person skillfully masking it all. Yep, that's me—living life in the enchanting realm of in-between. It's like living in both the 'normal' world and the 'Upspide-down' at the same-time, and yes that was a 'Stranger Things' reference.

It hasn't always been easy, though. Many times, I've felt misunderstood and judged by others. But you know what? It's given me a superpower—the ability to turn my lived experiences of inequality and discrimination into a powerful force for change.

Now, change is my ultimate quest. And though it seems to be taking its own sweet time, I want to shout out to all the change-bringers who've come before and who are working hard to make change happen now! I see you and you rock!

Through this blog, I'll be sharing my encounters, mishaps, and triumphs as I work tirelessly to make the world a more inclusive place.

Oh, and did I mention that my goal is to take Thinkedi from a humble startup to the prestigious FTSE 100 list? Ambitious? Absolutely. Achievable? You bet!

Let's take a moment to appreciate the wonder of technology too.

It has become our greatest ally, allowing us to bridge gaps and shatter barriers. The pandemic may have set us back in terms of equality and diversity, but it also paved the way for remote work to be more widely accepted. And that, my friends, is a silver lining we can celebrate.

However, as we become increasingly reliant on technology, I can't help but notice the challenges faced by my peers—a world that, with a simple shift in perspective, could be far more inclusive.

Before the trolls get on here and say it first I want to put my hand up (as high as I can without fainting) and point out - I know am privileged too.

But here's the thing: I'm determined to use my privilege for good. This blog is not just about my experiences; it's a platform for learning, growth, and allyship. We can't be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. Instead, let's embrace the opportunity to learn and adapt our thinking.

Being a #DiffabledCEO means being agile in how I work and embracing the beauty of change. It's about creating a world where our unique abilities are celebrated, differences are embraced, and everyone has a fair shot at success.

So, dear readers, get ready for a wild ride through the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship, the laughter and tears of being human, and the relentless pursuit of a more inclusive world.

Together, we'll challenge the status quo, break down barriers, and prove that disabilities are not limitations—they're stepping stones to greatness.

Welcome to #TheDiffabledCEO


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