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Your one stop for employee 
 Diversity & Inclusion 

Training, Consultancy, Coaching
& Digital Solutions

 Our ethos  

Building Resilient Organisations

We build strong, resilient cultures that can weather changes, thrive and develop.

Leading Edge Knowledge

We keep with all the legislative and the ethical changes so you don't have to.

Relatable Expertise

We bring our authentic selves to provide engaging and meaningful services.

Empowered Learning

We don't do cancel culture or blame culture. We all about empowering accountability and creating the safe space for personal learning and growth.

Making the 'Soft Stuff' Measurable

We provide Digital Solutions that save you time, money and energy
providing tangible ways to measure KPI's for Diversity & Inclusion.

 Our approach  

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If you're looking to make positive changes in your organisation,
then Thinkedi is the place for you.

We combine decades of experience in organisational change and transformation,
with a genuine passion for people and inclusion.

We can drive your organisation's culture so that it returns all the benefits you've been looking for. We have solutions for organisations of every shape and size.

Book in a call back today, for chat about how we do what we do best.

 Our clients  

"We've seen such a difference in such a short amount of time and are so pleased"

Rhondda Housing Association

"Your insight has really helped me view what we do in a totally different way. Thank you so much"

Cardiff Works

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 Our Pledges...  

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